Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here I am

Okay, I've not been posting on here because I have tried to put my mind on hiatus.  Not much luck because I've had every pregnancy symptom known to man at some point, so accutely originating from my little brain.  Sore boobs, zits, fatigue, some nausea at nite, and yes, even a wacked out uterus that feels like the little peanut kicking around inside.  Actually just a lot of uterine twitching but have read that it can indicate a growing uterus.  No. No and No.  Or negative, negative and negative!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday in Albuquerque.  Dr. Ruma mostly counseled me more than anything.  He said I wasn't a candidate for Clomid even if he would consider it because it is usually for overweight people and not for those who have had had 4 healthy full-term pregnancies.  He did a great job of reassuring me that we will not have any problem getting pregnant.  It's all in the timing, which I have guessed but never know if I'm right nor not.  So in the end, it's eased my mind.  I really want to get back into shape anyway, as I have "let" this temple go to pots, by my standards.  I am about 20 pounds more than I want to be and there is really no reason.  I am healthy and my babies are always healthy.  When I get rid of the extra weight, several things will change.  I am less worried about it now.  At least I think so.  I have things to focus on and if we have another little one, then so be it.  Chase has helped me along in several ways and I know he will be there for me on this thing, too.   Until then.....hoping it really is day 15!