Monday, October 4, 2010

Feeling awesome

We took a "family trip" last week; got in my drs. appts., a concert with the kids and the zoo to name a few. It's nice to get away and not worry about things.  The kids' teachers were all cool with us taking the 2 days off.  And I was too.  To get to leave town and not have to worry about school (or homeschool) was nice.  The appointments both went great.  I got to watch little guy busy at work moving, kicking, hiccupping in my stomach in 4D even.  What a very cool experience.  Makes my eyes water every time.  I wonder what Chase would have looked like in there.  I kick myself for not asking for those pictures then.  Kick myself.  Maybe I would have gone back to them just so I could get more of those pictures and how different would have things gone then?  Regardless, I would have had more pictures of him to look at and how cool that would have been.  These 3D images are just so cool.  I used to not really like them when people would get them because I mean, really, what are you leaving to the element of surprise when baby is born into this world?  Why would you want to see and know so much about your baby before he is even born?  Just knowing they're healthy was always plenty for me to know.

These days I'm not into preserving for the "element of surprise".  Look what you can miss out on, is how I see it now.  I absolutely love knowing this baby is a boy.  And I absolutely love seeing these detailed images of him.  I feel like I know him already not as an "it" but as our little baby boy.  It is so cool.  When I feel him flutter and kick me, I picture him in there just like I saw him on the screen and it is amazing.  The ultrasound tech even made a DVD for me to bring home with the 4D (which is like streaming video for a few seconds) and all the 3D images.  I couldn't stick around for it so I will post it after next appt.  But here are some pics of our littlest angel.  

I posted on my other blog the emotions we are going through right now and announced this pregnancy finally over there.  It's not so easy to share this kind of news with all the babyloss moms who read your posts and always support you with such comforting words in their comments.  Rainbows are always sought after, but not always seen and no one wants to cause anymore pain to these moms than they're already going through.  I know; I've been there.  

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