Wednesday, June 16, 2010


....little one!

I'm very excited and am dying not to tell EVERYONE!  But for now, we will just make sure you are doing what you need to do and will celebrate in about 6 or 7 weeks!  

I had kind of forgotten, well, written-off, the possibility of being pregnant this month and since we were gone for 17+ days, I didn't really know when my period was due.  I didn't bring along my day planner, of course!  When I got home...and got around to checking my calendar because I was dreading AF, I was happily surprised that I was 5-7 days late!  I couldn't sleep last night and when I got up this morning, I peed on the stick and it immediately showed up!  I told Patric as gracefully and quickly as I could.....about an hour or two later....and he was just as excited!  We will wait to share our news though and I have to hear a heartbeat before I tell the kids.  But I am counting the hours til that moment.  Can't wait!  Thanks Chase....I know you are watching over us.  Waiting with us....

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