Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am sitting here at the computer getting kicked and nudged and poked all over (from the inside that is!) and just thought I would journal some of these pregnancy symptoms since we are nearing the end.  I was thinking I was maybe ahead of schedule but after I went back and read my journal and my blog during the last few weeks of Chase's pregnancy, I don't think I am any further along in this pregnancy than I am slated for.  At 35 weeks last time I was feeling very crowded inside, pressure down low and just big.  Very similar to now, I guess.  Man it is so strange feeling that head press down on my cervix (and I type this!).  I don't think I felt those things until the last few weeks with the girls....from what I remember anyway.  I see knees and elbows move across my belly this time and I have a very slight line going up my abdomen, though I'm not sure that the line from Chase ever completely faded. My complexion is very good, my hair is great, my nails are so-so, I am starting to swell towards the end of the day (hands and feet).  I am still doing yoga twice a week and biking 3-4 times a week when I am feeling good.   Have been getting up several times a night to pee for a while now.  But seems like I get up around 5 and am wide awake.  May be because I'm fighting with the kitten and may be because I'm getting ready for a newborn, who knows!  Either way, my body is getting used to interrupted and less sleep, as it should.  
We are starting to think about our plans in February with the baby.  But we have so much going on with our life in general that I think the baby is going to end up just coming whether we are ready or not.  And I'm even saying that with a scheduled c-section in mind!  Emma asked me tonight if we were going to a swim meet that weekend before the baby was due and I told her probably since I thought it was in Albuquerque.  She asked if we would all stay up there until the baby was  born then and I told her I was pretty sure they would go back home for a few more days of school until the c-section.  Maybe daddy would take them back and then come back to Albuquerque the day before.  She told me that if they had to go back to Ruidoso to go to school, that she wanted Daddy to stay with me in Albuquerque.  When I asked her why she said because she wanted him there making sure the doctors were doing everything they were supposed to be doing.  I know she's scared still.  Patric & I've talked about this a little bit and about making sure the kids are safe and comforted while I am in surgery and when they see me recovering afterwards....since the last memory they have of me in that condition was terrifying for them.  So this will be a very high priority for us--having the kids where we need them when we need it.  I don't know how we will do all this, but somehow we will. 

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