Saturday, January 29, 2011

37 Weeks

Baby is growing!  He is now 7.5 pounds and around 18 inches long, though I think he is longer.  He is kicking a lot and still moving around quite a bit.  I am still very happy with him right where he is.  I know he will come when he is ready or on Feb 11th, which ever comes first!  I have a few sleepless nights, then will have a good night, it just depends.  He is putting pressure on my cervix and that is sometimes pretty painful.  The Braxton Hicks are very frequent and two nights ago I had some that were even waking me up.  But I feel pretty confident that this little guy is going to hang out until we are ready for the c-section.  It has been so fun carrying him that I am fine with this, too!  The kids and Patric are so very excited to hold him finally so soon I will have to share.  I talk to him all the time and rub my belly and I know he is getting used to this.  I tell him to tell his brother how much I love him and I know Chase is taking care of him right now pretty well.  I have felt Chase's presence more and more the last week and it is comforting...this feeling.  Though I miss him terribly and know that as soon as I hold this little one in my arms, I will miss Chase that much more once again--knowing exactly what we have missed out on with Chase.  But the upcoming event is to be a joyous one; one to celebrate and to behold.  And that we will.  

My friends and I had a cooking class the other night and they closed it out with a few baby gifts and cake in celebration of baby Pearson #5.  It was a very fun evening and I was so glad the girls went with me.   It was a very special group of friends and they way they celebrated was tasteful, understanding and not "too much".  I was afraid I was going to be emotional and sad as all these women had already bought us gifts when I was pregnant with Chase and I did not want them to buy more things.....I hadn't gotten rid of any of their stuff the gave me last time and am planning on using it for this baby.  But the evening was so vibrant and busy and fun that I didn't even have a chance to get sad and let my thoughts wander.  They all know that no matter how joyous the occasion, there is sadness in every thing we do now because Chase is not here to be a part of it.  They understand this yet wanted to celebrate for us and with us the utter happiness we are feeling for this new one.  And I am so glad we did.  I am thankful for these women in my life.  And I am deeply humbled by their generosity in gifts, love and companionship during such an emotional time in our lives.  I am so lucky to have this....when at times I never thought I would.  

Our last appointment is next week.  Then we have a busy weekend and plan on heading to Albuquerque a few days before the c-section.  Thank you, little one, for this journey.  I am so lucky to be your mommy and I can't wait to meet you....we will see you soon!

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