Friday, January 7, 2011

34 weeks 5 days

The first thing I have to say is I have been feeling you qutie low lately.  The uncomfortable feeling that stops me in my tracks!  Just reminding me the end of this pregnancy is near (sniff)....just usually not yet I thought!  I have been terribly congested this week...something I've had toward the end of the pregnancy before as well.  And I  also have slimy teeth after I brush them.  Another little  weird recurrence of pregnancy.

We had a perfect 10/10 again on our BPP.  Only this was after we had "acoustic stimulation."  What a fancy term for "we're going to scare the shit out of your baby so he'll wake up and give us some accelerations in his heart rate."   They tooted that buzzer on my lower belly and the baby about jumped right out my belly button.  Then he gave them all the accelerations they wanted in less than 5 minutes.  Sorry about that little buddy.   But it was about the clearest evidence to me that you actually do hear what is going on outside in our world and are stimulated by the sounds we make.  That was cool--just seemed a rotten way to find that out!  Anyway, she got what she needed from your movements after that.  My friend gave me the wonderful idea of recording your heartbeat on my cell I did just that. Only a few times!

I absolutely love talking to my doctor about the pregnancy and anything related.  She is so awesome and a great listener.  I felt like I was talking about a thousand words a minute today because I had waited so long to see her and was really needed to get back on the road so I was trying to speed up the conversation and the appointment!  Surgery is scheduled for Feb 11th but I told her I'm feeling advanced things the pressure on my cervix--yowsa!  But I feel like since this is the only pregnancy that I am (as of now anyway) perfectly fine going as long as they want me'll probably make me go into labor early.  Either way, I'll be ready.  I know we can do this.  And we will!

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  1. Thanks for sharing today. I really want to get together this next week. It seems time flies when we try to make a plan. You look beautiful and happy. My blessings to you friend! :)