Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh no

I have a whole new range of fear raging in my head.  I rear-ended someone pretty bad yesterday and though I don't think I did anything to the baby, I am so worried.  I read today that you are the size of a blueberry--wow, that's bigger than what I thought.  But the doctor I spoke with said I really needed to nearly break my pelvis in order to affect the pregnancy at this time.  My uterus was certainly tight a lot of the day yesterday.  I can feel it so acutely.  I did not feel cramps really though.  I am really excited about this pregnancy and can't wait until I can share my excitement and I just want to get to that point.  I am happy with everything about this pregnancy.  I started getting zits on my back and elsewhere so I think that means boy.  That makes me happy for Patric.  Of course I really want a little girl too.  (like in addition!) I just hope and pray and talk to this little bean all the time that he/she is okay and to keep growing.   Please, please, please......

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