Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Appointment tomorrow

I felt the baby move tonight while I was sitting at the little table, pretty vividly.  That's good.  Because there is so much of the time that this pregnancy still doesn't seem real.  It is weird--but I just don't feel pregnant most of the time, other than being fat and tired.  I guess those are two obvious signs, but as big as I am, I feel like this baby should be moving and I should be feeling it.  Part of me is excited to find out the sex tomorrow.  Or anxious I should say.  The other part of me is waiting to find out of everything is going "right", healthy, etc.  Still waiting for that confirmation.  In my heart I have it, but in my head I don't think I do yet.  I need help getting through this, little one.  Lots of help.  Praying tonight that tomorrow is a good day.

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