Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have not posted in a while....so busy.  Can't wait for the holidays and family coming to visit!  Anyway, I've had a couple appointments and ended up going to our hospital for a NST & BPP last week.  I wrote about it here.  Yesteday I saw my OB and I love the fact that she asks me questions and engages in conversation with me about my fears and concerns, no matter how insignificant they may seem.  She even told me today that she expected me to be hypersensitive to each and every feeling or concern I had....and that it was her job to sift through them and determine what was  normal or not.  All in all, though, she said this pregnancy is going perfectly and we do not expect anything unforseen.  Of course, we know none of that matters.  But looking forward, this pregnancy has been very smooth and I have enjoyed every bit of it past the 1st trimester.  I mean I have really enjoyed it.   I love this baby so much.  I talk to him all the time as he is kicking or moving around.  His butt is always up just under my right ribs so I love patting right there and rubbing that spot, feeling him move as I do so.  It is so amazing to watch and feel this....a true miracle.  And I talk to Chase, too, because I know he is near, watching me.  Just like Reese watches me in a crowd of people.  I love the look a little boy gives his mama.  I imagine Chase is looking at me all the time.  I just wish I could see him, too......

We are looking at February 10th.....or somewhere around there.  I should be hearing from the hospital soon on a set date.  When we get through the holidays, I will only have about 5 weeks left.  I'm sure the last few weeks will be much different this time around.  I remember feeling like I was going to miss being pregnant with Chase, which was the first time I ever felt that way at the end of a pregnancy!  But this time, this time that feeling is ten million times greater.  I love this baby inside me right now.  I am excited to meet him, but I am certainly loving being pregnant.  And I never thought I would say that!

My blood pressure was a tiny bit higher than my usual, but no concerns.  (I felt that way, too.)  The doctor was very pleased my weight gain....even after 2 days in a row of not exercising!  She has me down for gaining 16 pounds at this point.  But that doesn't include the 12 (at least) or so pounds I had already gained before I even started seeing her (shhhhh).  Anyway, as long as I'm still exercising and doing yoga, I think I'm doing okay.  As is baby.  I go back every week at this point and will try to update more often.  I get pictures next week again (yay!) so will post them if I get some good 3Ds.  Will also get some pregnancy pictures up.  hopefully!

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